Leslie Kent

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Leslie Kent (Upper School Director)

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Leslie Kent holds a Graduate Certificate from SMU and a B.S. from KSU.  She has homeschooled for 15 years and has graduated her three children.  Her youngest son was part of MGA’s first graduating class of May, 2014.  She founded MGA in 2008 after asking God to meet the needs of her youngest son and others like him, and receiving direction from Him for an alternative to full-time school.  The result was MGA, a hybrid of homeschooling and classroom environments for educating K-12 children.  Along the way, many excellent staff members and teachers have made her vision a reality.  As a classical educator committed to a home-centered education for her own children, the establishment of a part-time, Christian, classical school is the fulfillment of a God-given dream to meet the needs of families seeking an educational alternative to the government school system.  Her goals are to equip students to evaluate the world around them with wisdom and clear thinking, and to articulate what God has deposited IN them, to a needy world.