Our Name, Our Story

What’s the story
behind the name “Morning Glory”?

Leslie Kent – Founder,
Upper School Director

In 2008, I was praying about what to name this new educational endeavor, this ‘hybrid’ model of education that was taking shape in my heart and mind.  I was praying, and thinking, and planning, asking God for inspiration for this new endeavor.  But no name seemed obvious, just yet.

In designing this new educational collaboration, I knew what I wanted for my child:  I and other parents would enroll our students in ‘part-time’ classes several days each week.  We would have our kids at home with us the other days.  I was an experienced homeschool parent, so I already knew the benefits of homeschooling, and the joy of learning with my children.  But I was keenly aware that there were benefits to a classroom experience.  I wanted those benefits for my child, as well:  Teachers who are dedicated to the subjects they taught.  Peer interactions.  Group learning experiences.  Group projects and team work challenges.  The accountability to, and feedback from, a teacher I trusted for my child.

Out of my initial desire to provide a rich educational partnership for my child arose this College-Style SchoolTM  that now meets the needs of over 250 children.  God has guided and blessed this community approach to education.

But while the plans were taking shape, a name for this school had not.  I continued to pray over every aspect of this unique education partnership.  And one morning, I woke up with this thought:

“We’ll get up in the MORNING, and we’ll give God the GLORY.”


And this, I trust, is what we do at MGA!
That our teachers give Him the glory by investing in our children by God’s grace, and wisdom.
That Support and Administrative Staff give Him the glory by serving together to partner with families.
That our students give Him the glory by doing their very best, and receive His equipping for their lives.

“Arise.  Shine.

For your LIGHT has come;

The GLORY of the Lord rises upon you.”

Isaiah 60

Wide view of our campus - Science Building, Math Building, Sanctuary, Grammar School wing.
Wide view of our campus. Left to Right:  Science Center, Math Center, Sanctuary, Grammar School wing.  Not visible:  High School Humanities building (behind Math Center) and Bldg A (behind GS wing).