MGA Voices – Parents and Students Share


What is the MGA experience?  

How does it differ from traditional, full-time school?

How do our parents feel about their partnership with a college-style school? 

What do MGA graduates say about how MGA prepared them for life after graduation?  

Hear and read how MGA parents and students describe their MGA experiences.   Below are links to videos in which some of our parents and graduates share with you, prospective parents, how MGA has impacted their lives.  And on our MGA Graduates page, a number of our graduates over the last three years share what they are doing now, and how MGA prepared them for life after high school.


How MGA Helped an Experienced Homeschool Mom

Amy, one of our MGA parents, describe how MGA courses and teachers made it possible to provide a rich educational experience for her four school-aged children.  Even though Amy had homeschooled for years, she found partnering with MGA teachers to be a great benefit to her family.

The Value of a College-Style School for Our FamilyDrJason
Listen as one of our MGA dads, Jason, explains how MGA benefits his family and what he appreciates about it:  low student-teacher ratio, flexibility for non-traditional learners, communication with teachers.

AustinandWill1Middle and High School at MGA

Austin and Will, two MGA graduates, talk about what they appreciate about their MGA years, how MGA differed from public school and homeschooling, and what made their teachers exceptional.