Our Families, Our Ministry

Recently, MGA hosted a dinner at which we highlighted some of the stories our families share about the impact of MGA’s ministry on their lives.  One teacher and two families each shared their stories of how MGA ministered to them.  And one family shared why they donate to MGA.  Their stories are shared in the videos at the links below.

Prior to our dinner, we asked students to complete this statement:

“I love MGA because . . . “

“None of the kids are mean to me or misbehave, and are welcoming, unlike my other school.”

“The atmosphere is inviting, the teachers are kind and inspirational, and I learn so much at MGA.”

 “It’s a great environment for people who have trouble being brave.”

“At first, I was nervous and scared about fitting in at a new school.  On the first day I met so many wonderful people. What I appreciate the most is how supportive the teachers and students have been. Now I wish I had attended here sooner.”

“It is a safe haven where there are no bullies.”

“While just being homeschooled, I got very lonely.  I really feel part of something here, like I’m loved.  I really treasure these people.”

These are just a few of the many heartwarming responses we received from our students.

At the dinner, we shared these videotaped stories:

Kat Guidry, a Grammar School teacher, shares how teaching at MGA differs from her experience teaching in public school.

Kat Guidry’s Story

Another MGA parent shares the story of her adopted son and how God has ministered to them through the generosity of a a few families who donated to MGA even prior to our establishment of a Scholarship Fund.

Julie King’s Story

And last but not least, Brad and Cheryl Crosslin share why they donate to MGA and its ministry.

The Crosslin’s Story