STUCO in Action




    STUCO leads prayer at the See You at the Pole rally on campus.

STUCO,  MGA’s Student Council, is composed of Logic 2, 3 and Rhetoric students who wish to lead by serving their student body and community.  STUCO general membership meetings are the second Friday of every month from 2:00-3:30.  We have many opportunities to serve our school and community.  Stay informed by following STUCO on Twitter at #MGASTUCO  or follow us on Facebook  Information is  provided on this page, in the parent newsletter, Twitter, Facebook, The Scribe (our student newspaper) and on the STUCO bulletin board in the lunch room.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS: STUCO member meeting is FRIDAY, MARCH 3, 2017 @ 2 pm.  

Spirit Day –   stay tuned….March 22 &23 

Join us for our next  event, GAGA Ball Tourney on March 24 @ 2-4 pm. Drinks and freeze pops provided by your STUCO. Come and show off your gaga ball skills and see who will be crowned GAGA Ball King or Queen!  This event is predicated on good weather.  Cancellation will be posted to MGA STUCO on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

SOCIAL EVENTS– Our final party of the year is the STUCO Inauguration Celebration.  This is a STUCO member only event.  Mark your calendars for April 28 for 5 – 8 pm. STUCO family members are invited to attend. A sign-up sheet will be emailed to all members.

SERVICE OPPORTUNITIES – The teachers loved their Valentine cards!  Our next service opportunity is STUCO campus work day on March 31 from 12-3.  Drinks provided. Sign up at STUCO Corner.   

Save the date! On May 5, STUCO is hosting Field Day for Grammar School students at Bear Creek Park from 10 am to noon.  Please sign up to serve!

PUBLICATIONS: The Realm is on sale!  Go to to purchase a copy BY MARCH 24! Hardcovers are $30 and softcovers are $22. Included with your purchase are four pages of free personalization and a flip cover, as well as a free eyearbook which you may share with family and friends. Please contact Mrs. Hardy at if you have any questions.  Also, this year, the Grammar School and Upper School are combined into one MGA yearbook.

The Scribe is going digital! If you would like to subscribe to The Scribe, please email us at so that we can send you a link to our WP account. We will also have the traditional paper edition printed which can be found in STUCO Corner.  Next edition comes out mid-April.

MEMBERSHIP:  Membership drive is currently closed, but will reopen in May for our summer events.

IMPORTANT NOTEMembers of STUCO are required to attend the majority of meetings, projects and parties. This is a significant time commitment.  If you are not meeting the minimum attendance requirements, you may be dropped from our roster.

Please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Hardy at or text her at 817.939.4312 if you have any questions regarding STUCO.