High School

In a College-Style School® such as MGA, high school students are referred to as Rhetoric level students.  “Rhetoric,” in classical education, is the ability to articulate and defend one’s views. The goal of MGA’s Rhetoric-level courses is to equip our teens to think critically, analyze information, compare it to the plumbline of their worldview (formed in concert with their parents), and decide upon their response to that information or views.  In short, we want to equip students to think independently, and identify Truth and Wisdom in this overloaded Information Age.

In Rhetoric levels 1 – 4, students take a Core Program of four courses, earning five credits, each year.

Rhetoric-Anatomy1-300x218Rhetoric Course Sequence by Subject:

MATH:  Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus, Calculus  (In the state of Texas, students need four math credits, but may stop at Algebra 2 by including a Math Applications course their junior year.)

SCIENCE:  Biology, Earth & Space Science, Chemistry, and Physics.

HISTORY:   World History with Speech and Logic; Western Civilization with World Geography; American History with US Geography; Government and Economics with Apologetics/Worldviews.

ENGLISH:  Ancient Literature, and Speech/Communications;  British Literature; American Literature; World Literature.  All courses include writing instruction and grammar review.

Students can earn a total of 20 credits through MGA courses.   As a reference point, Texas public school students are required to earn 22-26 credits to graduate.

MGA parents will need to provide the following additional credits:
2 cr – Foreign Language
1 cr – Fine Arts – music, art, drama/theatre
1 cr – Sports/PE
2 cr – Additional electives

Some of these additional credits are available in the Friday Enrichment Program.

Rhetoric Course Sequence by Level:

precalcclassMATH:  All Math courses use Holt texts, which include an online edition.

Rhetoric 1:  Algebra 1 or Geometry
Rhetoric 2:  Geometry or Algebra 2
Rhetoric 3:  Algebra 2 or Pre-Calculus
Rhetoric 4:  Pre-Calculus (Calculus will be offered beginning in 2016-17)

SCIENCE:  Biology, Chemistry and Physics use A Beka Book texts, written from a Creator-Designed worldview.  Earth & Space Science uses a CK12 online text.

Rhetoric 1:  Biology
Rhetoric 2:  Earth & Space Science
Rhetoric 3:  Chemistry
Rhetoric 4:  Physics

HUMANITIES:  English courses earn 1 credit.  Our History courses provide TWO credits, with some additional work by the student.

Rhetoric 1:
English I – Ancient Literature and Essay Writing;
World History – Ancients through Middle Ages;  Logic, Communications.
Rhetoric 2:
English II – British Literature and Literary Analysis;
Western Civilization – Middle Ages through Modern; World Geography.
Rhetoric 3:
English III – American Literature and Creative Writing;
US History, US Geography.
Rhetoric 4:
English IV – World Literature and Senior Research Paper;
Government & Economics,  Apologetics/Worldviews.

Five total credits can be earned each year in partnership with MGA.

For additional information about Upper School, contact the Director: leslie.kent@mgatx.org