Graduation Credits

High School Graduation Requirements

At MGA, and at any College-Style School® (CSS), the student’s education is a partnership between school and family. The state of Texas legally recognizes MGA families as homeschoolers, and our families enjoy the freedoms associated with that status.  MGA families are free to make educational decisions for their children without state testing, state reporting, or state mandates for curricula, class hours, or other requirements.

MGA’s role is to provide course content that meets state or national standards.  The content of all of our Core Courses in Logic and Rhetoric levels is on par with with full-time public and private schools.

2016 Graduates

MGA students earn five credits each year of high school, for a total for a total of 20 credits.   The Texas Recommended Graduation Plan for high school students requires 26 credits, including:
4 in English
4 in Math
4 in Science
4 in Social Studies (Humanities)
0.5 Speech
All of the above are earned by MGA students in Rhetoric 1 – 4 levels.

Additional Credits Offered by MGA, for a total of 20 credits:

1.0 Western Civilization
1.0 US Geography
0.5 Logic
1.0 Worldview/Apologetics

Credits that MGA students will need for their transcript, in addition to MGA credits:

2 in Foreign Language
1 in Fine Arts
1 in PE
2 in various electives

for a total of 6 credits that must be earned in addition to our Core Program.  Some of these additional credits are available in our Friday Extension Program.

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2015 Graduates

View the Table of High School Credits for an overview of the 20 credits within the Core Program.