Enrollment and Fees

Enrollment Process

Egypt Day in Logic 1
Egypt Day in Logic 1

1.  Review the Tuition Agreement and Statement of Faith.  Parents/guardians enrolling a student must agree with the terms of both of these documents.
2.  Complete the Online Application Form. Application fee of $50 for the first child and $25 for each additional child.
3.  Once the application form is reviewed for completeness and accepted, you will receive an email to complete the Enrollment Form.
4. Complete the Enrollment Form.  The Enrollment Fee of $250 per family will be collected in the process of completing the Enrollment Form.

Tuition, Fees, Associated Costs

$3,500.00 Annual Tuition and Supply Fee for the Core Program (Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday program).
Sibling Discount:  For families with multiple children enrolled, the first student is billed at full tuition, and the second and subsequent siblings enrolled will receive a 5% tuition discount.   Fees are not discounted. Sibling discount is ONLY applicable to full enrollments, not part-time Upper School enrollments.


$250.00 Family Enrollment Fee:  payable with Enrollment Form.  One fee per family (for any number of students); non-refundable. There is a $50 discount for families who enroll prior to May 1.

$350.00 Late Enrollment Fee:  for enrollments after September 15.

$150-300 Curricula costs – curricula costs vary by level and is purchased by parents, independently of MGA.  Most curricula can be purchased online or in some local bookstores.  We advise budgeting $200.00 for US students and $300.00 for GS students.  ALL curricula needs to be purchased prior to the first day of classes.

Available to Upper School students only, 9am – 3:10pm, Monday through Thursday on non-class days.  Students study on campus in our Learning Lab, and have access to a teacher who can provide support for the student’s independent study.   Students may be enrolled in one or two days per week.

Students take regular breaks, including lunch, in the course of their Learning Lab Day.

Learning Lab Tuition:

$1,750 – two days a week.


MGA-required Shirts:  Students are required to wear MGA shirts and hoodies as part of our Dress Code.  These range in cost from $14-22.  The shirt styles include crewneck T-shirt, V-neck T-shirt, polo shirt, pullover hoodie and zip hoodie; but, it is possible for a student to need as few as two shirts.

Tuition Payment Options

Tuition is payable in one of three schedules:
1.  One-Time Payment:  Parents may pay the full $3,500.00 tuition at August Family Orientation Night.
2.  Per Semester Payment:  Parents may make two payments of $1750.00 each.  Fall semester payment is due on or before August Family Orientation Night, and Spring Semester payment is due the last week of Fall Semester.
3.  Monthly Payment Plan:  Available through FACTS Tuition Management  only.  Refer to FACTS Information page for more information.

12-month plan – May 15 FACTS enrollment deadline

10-month plan – June 15 FACTS enrollment deadline

9-month plan – July 15 FACTS enrollment deadline

CREDIT CARD OPTION:  To pay tuition or fees by credit card, parents must enroll in FACTS Tuition Management and link their FACTS account to their chosen credit card rather than a bank account.  Once the FACTS account is established, all MGA tuition, fees, and one-time costs may be processed via this account.  PLEASE NOTE that the 2.7% fee is added to the parents’ account balance.

Morning Glory Academy Texas reserves the right to report non-payment on accounts to the credit bureau(s).

Additional Information about MGA’s Enrollment Policies

Open Enrollment We do not require intake testing for enrollment in MGA.  We serve a diverse student population which includes typical learners, academically gifted students, students with learning challenges, students on an accelerated path, and students on a modified path.  Our commitment is to make a classical, Christian education available to all students and to equip all students.  Our student body population reflects ‘real world’ variety in talents and strengths.

Parent and Student Commitment:   It is important to remember that enrollment in a College-Style School® means the parents SHARE responsibility for the student’s education and have considerable involvement in organizing the student’s schedule, supporting good study habits, providing accountability, monitoring progress and submission of assignments, and generally supporting the student’s efforts, so that our educational goals are met.  Parents who enroll their student(s) in MGA are required to participate in our Parent Academy, in which we clarify the responsibilities of the parents in this partnership, outline how we support and communicate with parents throughout the school year, and answer any questions.

Level Placement:  Students are not placed by default into their age group.  While that will be appropriate for many students, the actual determinant of the student’s placement is their academic level.  We identify for parents the expected reading and developmental level for students in Grammar School levels, in order to place students correctly.  In Upper School, we review the curricula with  students and parents and use that, and any other information the parents provide about the child’s educational history, to agree upon the appropriate level for the student.

Number of Classes:  Upper School students have the option of enrolling in 2 or 3 classes, rather than the full load of 4 classes. Grammar School students are enrolled in the full day, only.

Dual Credit:  MGA facilitates dual credit for students by identifying which of our classes prepare students for AP, CLEP, or SAT II Subject tests.  At the end of a course, the student sits for the appropriate exam.  If the student earns a passing score, the test score is added to the student’s transcript.  It will, at a minimum, provide outside verification for the transcript and enhance it beyond the typical transcript. And dual credit may receive credit at the student’s college (though this is at the discretion of the college).

Email questions about any of the above to: admissions@mgatx.org


Mid-year enrollments:  We allow rolling enrollment through January of each school year, if the level is not full.  Please note that for such a mid-year transfer to be successful, the parent will need to quickly acquire MGA curricula, and work diligently with the student to catch up to his/her MGA peers.  Tuition is prorated to the current month.  One-half of tuition is due at enrollment, and the other half due in the Spring semester.  All fees are due upon enrollment.  The bookkeeper will provide exact tuition amount and payment date.  We do not accept enrollments after January.

Part-Time Enrollments:  Upper School (US) students may be able to enroll in two or three courses, by special permission of the Upper School Director.  Part-time enrollments are only permitted when space allows.  Per course cost is $875.00 and Study Hall tuition is $400.00.  Family Registration fee, curricula costs, MGA shirt costs are incurred.

Non-Discriminatory Enrollment Policy

An MGA student’s grandmother, who lived in Holland during Nazi Germany era, shares her experiences with our Logic 3 students.

Morning Glory Academy admits students of any race, color, national, and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, tuition policy, and other school-administered programs.