Dual Credit Options

MGA students can earn dual credit for college;  they have the same opportunity to earn dual credit through AP, CLEP, and SAT II Subject Tests as any high school student.

All MGA high school courses are college prep.  However, we offer an Honors track for students who wish to prepare specifically for dual credit testing at the end of the course.

For the college-bound student, it is critical that he or she consider taking high school classes that can yield dual credit through testing, for three reasons:

  1. Many colleges will award credit for qualifying AP or CLEP test scores.
  2. An AP or CLEP test score provides independent validation of the student’s transcript.
  3. Including these AP/CLEP scores on a student’s transcript and college application demonstrates the student’s superior effort, commitment, and college-readiness.

Whether dual credit will be accepted at colleges for credit is a complex topic.  Colleges have full discretion on whether to award credit at their institution for community college classes or AP/CLEP test results.  (The exception is State schools: they must accept state community college credits.)  Many do, but many don’t.  Even colleges which offer credit for dual credit courses will not necessarily offer any credit within the student’s chosen degree program.  The credit will be considered an elective.

At MGA, we recommend college-bound students study for dual credit tests.  MGA provides high school planning guidance through each year of high school to assist students and parents in choosing the best options to prepare for the future.

For additional information on dual credit options at MGA, contact the Upper School Director:  leslie.kent@mgatx.org.